Frequently Asked Questions

Clicklets Bundles

What’s a Clicklets bundle? 

A Clicklets bundle is a way to sponsor the Great Hearts Award.  Based on our small actions for good model, the Clicklets bundle allows everyone the opportunity to be a sponsor. Whether it’s for $5 or $150, all revenue from Clicklets bundle sponsorships go to nonprofit charities. 

Who can be a sponsor? 

Both individuals and companies may sponsor via a Clicklets bundle.  Sponsorships for larger amounts are also available by contacting us at store@greathearts.community

Is the cost of a Clicklets bundle tax deductible?

Although 100% of the proceeds from Clicklets bundles are given to nonprofit charities, the cost is not tax deductible.

What if I'd prefer to get a tax deduction?  

It’s easy to give directly to any cause you want to support from the Great Hearts Community.  Go to their profile page. Click on their logo and you will link to the nonprofit’s home page.  From there you should be able to donate directly.  

Will there be fees if I donate directly on a nonprofit’s website?

Each nonprofit handles donation processing differently.  For many nonprofits, a portion of your contribution (5-15%) will go to credit card and processing fees.

Why can’t I give a tax deductible contribution in Great Hearts Community? 

We hope to offer that capability soon. 


Gift Certificates

How do I use gift certificates in the store?

Gift certificates can be used for any item in the Great Heart Store. Gift certificates are valid if used within 5 years of their purchase. Enter your gift certificate information from your shopping cart before checking out in the section that looks like this:



Great Hearts Membership

General Membership

Membership is open to everyone that cares about causes and wants to make a difference.  There are no fees for families, individuals and causes to participate. Sign up for a general membership at www.greathearts.community.

Sustaining, Community Builder and Legacy Memberships

These memberships are for families, individuals and businesses that want to financially support the work of the Great Hearts Community. 

Is the cost of a membership tax deductible?

Although a portion of the proceeds from paid memberships are given to nonprofit charities, the cost is not tax deductible.  We hope to have a tax deductible option soon.


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